Science Center Summer Camps!

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It’s not too late to sign up for summer camps! Click here for more information or go here to register now!

*Featured* For students entering 7th-9th grade:

Revolution – June 12-16, 9 am – noon

“We all want to change the world.”  How do engineers become innovative designers?  In this camp, we will use a design process to generate ideas, solve problems, and test prototypes related to contemporary industry products and processes.  Expect some unique challenges and thought-provoking experimentation.  “Revolution” will be facilitated by visiting engineers!

For students entering 1st-3rd grade:

Ocean in Motion – July 17-21, 9 am – noon

Plankton and plastics have one thing in common – they travel on ocean currents!  Campers will look at all kinds of currents in the natural world and develop understandings about causes and characteristics of currents through observations, experimentation, and modeling.

For students entering 4th-6th grade:

Sports in Action – July 10-14, 9 am – noon

What factors affect the path of a projectile?  How do pitchers change the drop on a ball?  Can we use scientific understandings of motion to be better ball players?  Campers will exercise both their minds and their muscles in the sports motion camp!

Blades in Motion – July 24-28, 1 – 4 pm

“There is no such thing as a gliding helicopter.” The design challenges of helicopters, windmills, propellers, and other blades will keep these campers busy.  Field trips, observations of insects, plants, birds, and marine life as well as sessions with experts will create new ways of thinking for our young engineers.

For families:

Earth on the Move – July 5-7, 10 am – 2 pm

Learning about our island is fun for all ages – especially when the topic is dirt!  In this camp, scientists from the US Forest Service will lead explorations of geologic landforms.  Each day will feature a new field trip to learn about faulting, uplift, and erosion.  Field trips, experiments, and modeling activities will mean active families.  Family camps are perfect for everyone – parent(s) and children, of course, but also visiting favorite aunt/uncle and their nephews/nieces, grandparents looking for quality time opportunities with grandchildren, and so on.

Prices for Summer Camps

Science Center Members and Coast Guard Family = $100/camper and $120/family camp

Non-Science Center Members = $125/camper and $150/family camp