2015 Chum Project Crew

Aaryn Smith

Aaryn Smith comes to us from the state of Missouri. He studied biology at Missouri Southern State University and has researched for many government agencies in the Pacific Northwest. This will be Aaryn’s first season on the chum project. He looks forward to the upcoming field season and the many adventures Alaska has to offer.

Adam McDaniel

Adam is from Rochester, Minnesota. He graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Wildlife Biology from the University of North Dakota in 2013. Since then, he has worked on research projects with deer, waterfowl, environmental education, and chum salmon.  This will be his second year on the chum project and he is greatly looking forward to this season.

Alaire Hughey

Alaire Hughey was born and raised in Sitka Alaska. She is currently studying sociology with minors in biology and environmental science at Linfield College in Oregon. She has worked 5 summers tagging fish for NSRAA and one season as an interpreter for Sitka Sound Science Center. This will be her second season on the chum project. She is excited to come back and explore more streams, see more bears, and cut off more fish heads!

Ashley Bolwerk

Ashley Bolwerk is one of the Chum Project’s crew leaders. After spending last 2 summer wading through creeks on the same project, she decided to come back for more! Ashley has a degree in Biology from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, and grew up a Packers fan roughly an hour outside of Green Bay. After spending a semester student teaching, she fell in love with Sitka, and made the move permanent about four years ago. When not working on the Chum Project, Ashley can be found working as the Education m=Manager at the Sitka Sound Science Center, fly fishing, boating, tide pooling, basically anything on or near the marine environment.

Danielle Watson

Danielle Watson is a Massachusetts native but is currently traveling around the U.S. between tours at sea with her husband, a merchant marine, with goals to visit each state and all National Parks. She studied Marine Safety and Environmental Protection at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy. She has worked in Alaska on other projects, first as a fisheries technician for the Native Village of Eyak on a mark/re-capture project with Chinook and Sockeye salmon, and more recently as a fisheries observer collecting data aboard commercial fishing boats for the North Pacific Groundfish Observer Program. This is Danielle's first season working on the Chum project, she is looking forward to exploring southeast Alaska and broadening her experience and knowledge of the salmon fishery with fellow biologists of the Chum Project.

Jarrod Yelton

Jarrod Yelton comes to us from the state of Wyoming, where he has grown up fishing and hunting. He studied and received his Bachelors in Wildlife Management and Fisheries Biology from the University of Wyoming. Jarrod has participated in fish health inspections and tooth aging for the Wyoming Game and Fish for the last four years. This will be his third season on the chum project and he looks forward to another great sampling season and amazing adventures Southeast Alaska has to offer.

Katie Shink

Katie from Spokane, Washington. She graduated from University of Alaska Fairbanks with her bachelor's degree in Natural Resources Management and is currently pursuing a master's degree at UAF in fisheries. Previously, she worked as a fisheries technician for the USFWS Subsistence Office for four years. She is looking forward to the upcoming field season in Southeast.

Nevé Baker

Nevé is from Newport, Oregon and graduated this year from Whitman College with a bachelor's degree in biology-environmental studies. Last summer, Nevé worked as a research intern in Southeast Alaska studying humpback whale predation on hatchery-released salmon, and she is excited to return for the chum project!

Bryan Ferguson

Bryan Ferguson comes from central Pennsylvania where he has grown up hunting and fishing and roaming around the outdoors. He recently received a master’s degree in wildlife/fisheries science from Penn State University and has worked in the fisheries field for the past 8 years. This will be Bryans third season on the chum project. He looks forward to spending another summer working in the field in Southeast Alaska.