The SSSC Google Earth marine debris map is an interactive display of known marine debris cleanup and survey projects in Alaska. It provides past cleanup and survey project results, derived from the SSSC’s Marine Debris Database, as well as information about project contractors and their communities.

The current map contains MACF and AMSF projects. SSSC projects are being edited and will be uploaded soon.

To view the Marine Debris Map, you must have a mapping program installed, such as the Google Earth program available free from Google:  Free Google Earth Download.



Download the network linked Marine Debris Map (.kmz 1kb):  Online Marine Debris Map
(Runs online, always delivers most current content.  Fast download, but slower performance in low bandwidth areas)





Download full Marine Debris Map (.kml 2MB): Marine Debris Map
(Installs to local hard drive.  Longer download, best performance, requires annual re-download to stay current)



To use the map, click on any project placemark and start exploring! In many areas cleanup and survey can be easily recognized by their highlighting. Where the information is available, cleaned beach areas are highlighted in shades of green, orange, and red to indicate increasing levels of accumulation; the darker the color, the heavier the debris concentration.  Note that for Southcentral Alaska, color highlighting indicates cleanups vs. surveys, and type of cleanup crew (volunteer or professional).

The map may be used for a variety of purposes; to explore the locations and types of debris, the effects on the communities, and the extent of the problem throughout Alaska. Both the survey and cleanup information also provide a means for developing future cleanup programs.