Welcome Andrew Von Duyke January Scientist in Residency!

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Join the Sitka Sound Science Center staff and Board in welcoming Andrew Von Duyke as our next Scientist in Residency Fellow, here from, January 7th to February 8th, 2018. Andrew is a wildlife biologist at the North Slope Borough Department of Wildlife Management (NSB-DWM) in Barrow, Alaska.

Andrew studied at Purdue University, where he studied mechanical design and biology. Early on, Andy designed everything from medical products to toys, and he has 15 patents. Jumping at a chance to winter-over at Palmer Station, Antarctica, Andy wore many hats (e.g., carpenter, electrician, welder); but found marine science the most gratifying. After his time on the ice, Andy earned a Master’s in conservation biology from the University of Minnesota. He has worked with wolves, moose, waterbirds, and shorebirds; has taught several college courses; and mentors wildlife biology undergrads. Currently, Andy leads ice-seal and polar bear research at the NSB-DWM. His research investigates the spatial ecology of ringed-, spotted-, and bearded-seals. He also studies non-invasive genetic sampling methods for polar bears and seals; and is deeply involved in polar bear policy. Andy is a member of the ESA Polar Bear Recovery Team, the Scientific Working Group of the US-Russia Bilateral Commission, and the Polar Bear Technical Committee. He was also a US delegate to the Polar Bear Range States and US-Russia Bilateral meetings. In his free time, Andy plays guitar, dogsleds, and enjoys outdoors.

Sitkans can also learn about Andrew’s research on Raven Radio’s morning interview on January 10th at 8:10am. Andrew will then expand upon his research in a Natural History seminar, on issues for Arctic wildlife research and conservation, on January 18th at 7:30pm, UAS room 229. Once classes commence, Andrew will be working with the field science classes from Sitka High School and Mount Edgecumbe High School to non-invasive genetic sampling techniques for mammals. In addition, he will be visiting other classrooms of schools in Sitka to talk about his research on the ecology of seals in the Arctic and the interesting paths in life that can lead you to a career in science.

The SIRF program, with support from the National Science Foundation, brings preeminent scientists from across the country to Sitka for month long sabbaticals, allowing for undisturbed research, free from the interruptions of their daily routine. The program provides scientists the opportunity to engage our town in science, sharing their research and career pathways, while also benefiting from the important local knowledge of residents. For more information or to schedule a SIRF event please contact Alexandra Ravelo, SIRF Director, 907.747.8878 ext. 9

Listen to Andrew’s interview on Raven Radio here