Welcome Dr. Cheryl Rosa, U.S. Arctic Research Commission Deputy Director!

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Join the Sitka Sound Science Center staff and Board in welcoming Dr. Cheryl Rosa as our next Scientist in Residency Fellow, here from April 3 to May 2, 2017. Dr. Rosa is Deputy Director and Anchorage-based Alaska Director of the United States Arctic Research Commission (USARC), an independent federal agency of Presidential appointees that advises the White House and Congress on Arctic research matters and works with executive branch agencies to establish and execute a national Arctic research plan. The Commission also facilitates cooperation with local and state governments and recommends means for developing international scientific cooperation in the Arctic.

Dr. Rosa is trained as a Wildlife Veterinarian and Wildlife Biologist and has worked with subsistence communities on the North Slope and in the Russian Far East on a wide range of studies involving wildlife health and zoonotic disease, marine mammal stranding response, subsistence food safety and oil spill/offshore discharge research. She is a member of the International Whaling Commission’s Scientific Committee, as well as numerous other federal and non-federal boards and steering committees. Presently, she is involved in running USARC’s Alaska Rural Water and Sanitation Working Group, the Arctic Renewable Energy Working Group and the Arctic Mental and Behavioral Health Working Group.

Soon after her arrival, Cheryl will give a public talk as part of the UAS Natural History seminar series entitled “Rapid Arctic Change: why does it matter to you?” on Thursday, April 6th, 7:30pm UAS room 229. Cheryl will interact with a number of different student groups during her Fellowship: she will visit 8th grade classes at BMS to discuss marine mammal bioenergetics, assist with a salmon pathology unit with students from PHS, and perform a “walk through a whale” with an elementary-age homeschool group.

The Sitka Sound Science Center, through funding from the National Science Foundation is once again hosting Scientist in Residency Fellowships (SIRF) here at our Center. The SIRF program brings preeminent scientists from across the country to Sitka for month long sabbaticals, allowing for undisturbed research free from the interruptions of their daily routine. The program provides scientists the opportunity to engage our town in science, sharing their research and career pathways, while also benefiting from the important local knowledge of residents. For more information or to schedule a SIRF event please contact Lauren Bell, SIRF Director, 907.747.8878 ext. 9