Welcome Dr Alek Petty October Scientist in Residency!

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Join the Sitka Sound Science Center staff and Board in welcoming Dr. Alek Petty as our next Scientist in Residency Fellow, here from October 8th to October 31st, 2017. Dr. Petty is a Research Scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, MD.

Alek studied at the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom; where his dissertation on “Non-invasive detection of neural currents” earned him a Masters’ degree in Physics. His career as an Arctic scientist started with his PhD research on computer simulations of the sea ice and ocean surrounding Antarctica. Alek now specializes in both Arctic and Antarctic sea ice variability, where he explores the world of sea ice through his research into polar atmosphere-ocean interactions, extreme Arctic weather events, and sea ice predictability. During his Fellowship in Sitka, Alek plans to focus on finalizing a new model of snow accumulation over Arctic sea ice – a key metric needed for satellite measurements of sea ice thickness – and is hoping to better understand the potential impact of extreme weather events on local Arctic communities.

Sitkans can hear Alek describe his research interests on the Raven Radio morning interview on October 12th at 8:10am. Alek will then expand upon his research in a Natural History seminar entitled “Rapid declines in Arctic sea ice cover: what does this mean for Alaska?” on October 26th at 7:30pm, UAS room 229. Alek will also be working with several secondary classes at Blatchley Middle School, Sitka High School, and Mount Edgecumbe High School to demonstrate the latest satellite technology used to measure sea ice from space, to model how we can use this data to predict future Arctic sea ice cover, and to establish the importance of sea ice for the global ocean circulation system.

The Sitka Sound Science Center is appreciative of the Skaggs Foundation for support of this Scientist in Residency Fellow. The SIRF program brings preeminent scientists from across the country to Sitka for month long sabbaticals, allowing for undisturbed research free from the interruptions of their daily routine. The program provides scientists the opportunity to engage our town in science, sharing their research and career pathways, while also benefiting from the important local knowledge of residents. For more information or to schedule a SIRF event please contact Alexandra Ravelo, SIRF Director, 907.747.8878 ext. 9

Listen to Alek’s interview on Raven Radio here: https://www.kcaw.org/2017/10/12/scientists-studying-ice-oceans-bring-work-sssc/