Sheldon Jackson hatchery has trained many of Alaska’s fisheries biologists, fisheries managers and aquaculture specialists since its inception in 1974.  We are continuing to use the hatchery as a training tool. The hatchery has a partnership with the Northern Southeast Regional Aquaculture Association (NSRAA)  for the Deep Inlet fishery.  We also provide training and research for NSRAA and the UAS Fisheries Technology program  We currently are permitted by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game to raise coho, pinks and chums. Our permits allow production of 250,000 coho, 3 million pinks, and 12 million chums (with 9 million released at Deep Inlet). The hatchery is the only training facility of its kind in Alaska. SSSC utilizes it today as a training and educational tool for K-12 students and visiting undergraduates as well as students in the UAS Fisheries Technology Program.  We provide tours of the hatchery where visitors learn about the special relationship hatcheries have with commercial fishing, how hatcheries work in Alaska,and how they capitalize on the life cycle of the salmon.


UAS Fish


SSSC has a special partnership with the University of Alaska Fisheries Technology Program which is based at the UAS campus in Sitka. The Fish Tech Program provides associate degrees and certification in aquaculture and fisheries management. Faculty for the program are Reid Brewer and SSSC chair Jim Seeland. The SSSC provides hands on training opportunities for students in the programs. Workshops and internships occur out of the Science Center Hatchery through the program.

Here is an example of a past collaborative program offered at SSSC through the UAS Fish Technology Program.  UASFTP Aquaculture Workshop Sitka Jan 2012